The universal Aquifer makes drinking water from any fresh, brackish or salt water source possible.


Designed to go anywhere

Ideal for emergencies, disaster relief, expeditions and tactical use, the Universal Aquifer meets all FAA requirements to be checked as baggage on a commercial airline.

Three durable cases provide ample space for spare pre-filters and supplies to allow at least 30 days of operation, even in the worst conditions.



Engineered to handle any water condition plus the kitchen sink

When relief teams arrivce in disaster areas, the water conditions are usually unknown. With minimal training and maintenance required, the Aquifer makes it easy for anyone to quickly produce fresh water.

With just a 5-minute simple setup, the Aquifer can immediately produce over 15 gallons of purified water per hour from a salty, brackish or fresh water source – with no adjustment necessary for continuous flow.



Minimal Power, Maximum Efficiency

The Universal Aquifer’s sustainability is unmatched. Leveraging the revolutionary and proprietary Clark Pump, the Universal Aquifer uses 75% less power than other systems, so it can run off virtually any external power source and last 8-10 years with proper care.

The system also includes three solar panels that allow it to run even in cloudy conditions — a huge advantage in disaster or emergency situations where fuel and power can be scarce.

Crafted with the highest quality, all our products are designed to sustain life—no matter where.

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